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    The fourth issue of the third volume of the scientific and practical journal “Pain Medicine” is offered to your attention

    Summing up the three-year progress of the Journal, we can say that the publication really contributed to the formation of a multi-professional circle of like-minded people who study and apply pain control techniques in patients. The audience of the publication and electronic resources in general has grown to 4 thousand participants.

    The rules for the preparation and execution of manuscripts are perfected with the approach to the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals” developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, as well as considering the requirements of the Decree No 1112 of 17.10.2012 of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

    The journal adheres to modern principles of working with scientific information. It is present in several authoritative reference and indexing databases (Index Copernicus, Research Gate, World Cat, Google Scholar, General Impact Factor, Journals Impact Factor, Research Bible, Scientific Indexing Services, Open AIRE, Cite Factor, etc.). An important step is adoption to DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). The way to Scopus is very difficult and responsible, so only together we can do more.

    The journal follows the open access policy. All accepted articles are placed indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the issue of the number. Full-text access to scientific articles is presented in real-time on the official website on the specialized Open Journal System platform. Creative Commons Attribution International License CC-BY allows you to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, quote or refer to the full text of any article in this Journal.

    Collaboration with Crossref has enabled the rapid indexing of articles and their implementation into scientometric profiles of authors by assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

    In general, during this short time for publication history, the articles of foreign authors, from the United States of America, Serbia, Moldova, the Republic of Belarus and Georgia, were published on the pages of the journal. More than 150 Ukrainian authors got an opportunity to highlight their thoughts and results.

    We express our gratitude to all members of the editorial board, editorial council, like-minded people, sponsors and partners for their active participation, cooperation, help and support! Good will come!

    Best regards, Deputy Chief Editor of Fundamental Medicine, M.D., Ph.D., Head of Normal Physiology Department of the National Pirogov Memorial University, Vinnytsia

    Mykhailo Yoltukhivskyi

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    Vol 3 No 3 (2018)



    The third issue of the third volume of the scientific and practical journal “Pain Medicine” is offered to your attention

    I want to congratulate all readers and authors of publications in the Pain Medicine Journal with the publication of the third number. During recent two years our journal has really become a cross-disciplinary high-quality source of scientific data. With a great pleasure I want to point out the fact, that journal has officially step forward and it covers not only problems of pain, but also problems of medical rehabilitation, vertebrology, orthopedics, pediatrics and other parts of medical science.

    Such a view of the editorial is quite understandable, because pain is a cross-disciplinary problem.

    I want to draw attention of our readers to the fact, that pain is not just a symptom. It is a “guard dog” of health! Thus, an elimination of pain can lead to dangerous health effects, if its cause is not determined.

    So, our journal suggests to the authors, who study deeply clinical and pathological anatomy, to send articles for publication!

    Colleagues let us all collaborate!

    Best regards, Sincerely your editorial board of the Journal:

    Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Medical and Social Expertise of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia. Head of the Vinnytsia Department of the Ukrainian Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor P. F. Kolisnyk

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    Vol 3 No 2/1 (2018)


    We invite you to read the collection of scientific publications of the First Podillya Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium (October 18-19, 2018, Vinnitsa, Ukraine), which were published in a special issue: Supplement 1 – Rehab Medicine – of multidisciplinary scientific and practical “Pain Medicine" journal (Vol. 3, No. 2/1, 2018)

    We appreciate everyone’s participation in the First Podillya Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium as an author, speaker, participant!

    Let's take it together with a sense of pride that we have a relation to the part of medicine, which is designed not only to save lives, but also to improve its quality by restoring or compensating lost (without medical rehab, lost forever) functions!

    It is not surprising and is a delight for PM&R physician to see his/her patient with quadriplegia, who was working hard every day, creating family and raising children!

    Rehabilitation professionals are not satisfied with the phrase, which can be often heard from a physician: "we did our job" (for example, saved lives, eliminated pain, removed sutures, etc.). For a rehabist this phrase will sound well only when the patient with health problems has restored his/her functioning and said: "You have done everything, and I am satisfied with my life!" Of course, medical rehab has such opportunities! This is just the beginning of opportunities! Imagine what potential backbone is rooted in the preventive rehabilitation through the multi-level medical rehabilitation and other promising scientific developments in rehab medicine.

    The Ukrainian reality in rehabilitation is inspiring today and there are the following reasons:

    1. There are specialists in physical therapy already, education of occupational therapists have been conducted, programs for the training of PRM doctors have been developed. So, we can create a rehab team! Only close cooperation, joint learning, exchange of experience, mutual trust and respect for each other are required! Otherwise, medical rehabilitation will not exist! It is not beneficial to any member of the rehab team, and especially to our patients! Let’s take this road to knowledge, skills, cooperation together in favor of people and medical rehabilitation!

    2. The second fact, which inspires and makes the establishment of medical rehabilitation in Ukraine real is a design of the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "Organization of providing rehabilitation in health care". To provide for the fast movement in the correct direction the order must clearly state the following:

    1) rehabilitation departments creation departments in multi-disciplinary hospitals (at least at the tertiary level). This will entail the creation of rehabilitation teams, the development and implementation of effective individual rehabilitation programs, rehabilitation routes (sanatorium, clinical, palliative, community, primary care, home care facilities), as well as existing rehabilitation facilities, sanatoriums, clinical centers, offices, etc.

    2) beginning of PRM doctors training through retraining, implementation of rehabilitation pro-grams in medical universities, starting training PRM doctors in the residency! Dear friends, let’s move forward to knowledge, cooperation in favor of people!

    Sincerely yours and best regards from the editorial board of the Journal:

    Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Medical and Social Expertise of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsa. Head of the Vinnitsa Department of the Ukrainian Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, MD, PhD, ScD, professor, P. F. Kolisnyk

  • Pain medicine
    Vol 3 No 2 (2018)



    The second issue of the third volume of the scientific and practical journal “Pain Medicine” is offered to your attention

    As a participant, I have the honor to present the 10th anniversary edition of the journal “Pain Medicine”. The journal gives an idea of a complex and multivalued psychophysiological phenomenon – the phenomenon of “pain”, the elimination of which is possible only on the basis of a systemic and interdisciplinary approach. This periodical is intended primarily for thinking doctors, engaged in scientific and practical activities according to the essence of their specialty – General Medicine.

    The phenomenon of “pain” is a medical and socioeconomic problem as well as a philosophical, moral and ontological one. It requires doctors to treat the patient as a person with inseparable and inextricable “living body and soul” and not as “a static, anatomical object”. In each case and at any given point in time the nature of the phenomenon of “pain” determines the problem solving due to individual approach and in a special way. The phenomenon of “pain” should be regarded as a process. In case of arresting, symptomatic, unilateral, “universal” methods of treatment and the attitude to it as a static phenomenon are absolutely excluded.

    There are many journals devoted to the phenomenon of “pain” in the world. But the team of the journal “Pain Medicine” succeeded in creating an international discussion platform on its basis that moved beyond the bounds of the print edition in the form of an electronic publication, seminars, and the project “#Doctor’sThinking”.

    Mark Twain wrote “thousands thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others”. The team of the journal “Pain Medicine” creates all the conditions for clinicians to realize all their potentials.

    Eventually, this will result in formation of modern clinical medicine in Ukraine that should be analytical both in terms of form and essence. Its creation and development is possible only in case of formation of doctors’system clinical thinking and its use in their practice.

    The journal has published a hundred articles for the last three years, obtained a Creative Commons license, became a member of International Foundation Crossref – an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI). And also we constantly expand our representation in international quoted bases. We look forward with confidence and, with your support, we strive to Scopus.

    Dear colleagues, the team of the journal “Pain Medicine” invites you for co-operation. Do not imitate, create something new!

    Poberezhny V. I., MD

  • Pain medicine
    Vol 3 No 1 (2018)



    The first issue of the third volume of the scientific and practical journal “Pain Medicine” is offered to your attention

    Science has achieved some wonderful things of course, but I’d far rather be happy than right any day.

    Douglas Adams “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

    It is known, that pain – one of the most common complaints in the medical practice. Much knowledge and experience are required for the determining of its cause. Pain is one of the most common symptoms observed in different diseases, so the scientific journal is devoted to this problem. Sean Mackey, professors of the Stanford University, said very aptly about the problem of pain: “Pain is terrible and this is wonderful! It serves as a signal, so we do not load an injured organ and give it time to recover. Normally, this is a task of pain – to prevent and protect. To prevent and to treat is the task for doctors “algologists”. For the third year “Pain Medicine” The Journal is a discussion ground for doctors. For the third year doctors of different specialties debate about problems of pain, their diagnostics, prevention and treatment on the pages of this journal. They discuss the theory of pain, modern methods of its prevention, share modern and innovative methods of treatment, remind and discuss severe and interesting clinical cases. The team of the journal is a “collaborator” of these events for the third year. The continuation will follow and the journal will further please you with interesting materials. And I want to end with the words from the quotation “Science has achieved some wonderful things of course, but I’d far rather be happy than right any day”. And it’s a blessing to work together to solve the problem of pain medicine.

    Kind regards, Dmytro Dmytriiev Deputy

    Chief Editor of PainMedicine Journal MD, Ph.D.,

    Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery #1, Anesthesiology course of the National Pirogov Memorial University, Vinnytsia,

    Representative Member of ‘‘Painbridge’’ in Ukraine;

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