Anesthesia and sleep disorders – a new problem in modern anesthesiology (literature review)

  • Oleksii Boduliev Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
  • Dmytro Shkurupii Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
Keywords: anesthesia, sleep, perioperative insomnia


Sleep is an active state that is as complex as wakefulness. The main tasks of sleep are the adaptation and restoration of physical and mental strength.

Sleep regulation is a complex multimodal process involving not only neurotransmitters, but also releasing­factors, hormones, cytokines, signaling molecules and metabolites.

Having a lot of physiological effects, postoperative sleep plays a role not only in quality of life, but also in the recovery of the patient.

The characteristics of the patient, the type of surgical intervention, the methods of anesthesia and their interaction affects postoperative sleep, but the relationship and the level of influence of these factors are not clear. Therefore, given the high prevalence of postoperative insomnia, this problem is relevant for modern anesthesiology.


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Анестезія і порушення сну – нова проблема сучасної анестезіології (огляд літератури)
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