Vol. 3 No. 2 (2018): Pain medicine

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The second issue of the third volume of the scientific and practical journal “Pain Medicine” is offered to your attention

As a participant, I have the honor to present the 10th anniversary edition of the journal “Pain Medicine”. The journal gives an idea of a complex and multivalued psychophysiological phenomenon – the phenomenon of “pain”, the elimination of which is possible only on the basis of a systemic and interdisciplinary approach. This periodical is intended primarily for thinking doctors, engaged in scientific and practical activities according to the essence of their specialty – General Medicine.

The phenomenon of “pain” is a medical and socioeconomic problem as well as a philosophical, moral and ontological one. It requires doctors to treat the patient as a person with inseparable and inextricable “living body and soul” and not as “a static, anatomical object”. In each case and at any given point in time the nature of the phenomenon of “pain” determines the problem solving due to individual approach and in a special way. The phenomenon of “pain” should be regarded as a process. In case of arresting, symptomatic, unilateral, “universal” methods of treatment and the attitude to it as a static phenomenon are absolutely excluded.

There are many journals devoted to the phenomenon of “pain” in the world. But the team of the journal “Pain Medicine” succeeded in creating an international discussion platform on its basis that moved beyond the bounds of the print edition in the form of an electronic publication, seminars, and the project “#Doctor’sThinking”.

Mark Twain wrote “thousands thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others”. The team of the journal “Pain Medicine” creates all the conditions for clinicians to realize all their potentials.

Eventually, this will result in formation of modern clinical medicine in Ukraine that should be analytical both in terms of form and essence. Its creation and development is possible only in case of formation of doctors’system clinical thinking and its use in their practice.

The journal has published a hundred articles for the last three years, obtained a Creative Commons license, became a member of International Foundation Crossref – an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI). And also we constantly expand our representation in international quoted bases. We look forward with confidence and, with your support, we strive to Scopus.

Dear colleagues, the team of the journal “Pain Medicine” invites you for co-operation. Do not imitate, create something new!

Poberezhny V. I., MD

Published: 2018-06-30