Pudendal neuralgia: diagnostics and treatment

  • V I Ilyashenko Universal Clinic "Oberig", Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: pudendal neuralgia, blockade, ultrasound, cryoanalgesia


The article considers the main causes of the occurrence of pudendal neuralgia. The criteria for diagnosing this state are described in detail. We present basic methods of treatment of pudendal neuralgia starting with comprehensive preservative treatment (physical therapy, medication, blockade), which in most cases are effective. And in case of its ineffectiveness or relapse of the pain syndrome, issues of conduction of pulsed RF-frequency therapy of the nerve are examined. Currently, the possibility of using hyaluronic acid preparations, botulinum toxin for the treatment of sexual neuropathy, as well as cryoanalgesia is being studying. The surgical decompression of the sexual nerve is possible in case of inefficient conservative treatment.


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Пудендальная невралгия: диагностика и лечение
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