A modern approach to pain relief in labour


  • Ye V Grizhymalskyi Maternity Hospital “Leleka”, Kyiv
  • A I Harha Maternity Hospital “Leleka”, Kyiv
  • Ye V Sulimenko Maternity Hospital “Leleka”, Kyiv




обезболивание родов, эпидуральная анальгезия, роды


Until now, there are opposite points of view on the problem of pain in labour. The side effects of pain during labour can significantly affect the general condition of the woman and the fetus, the course of labour, and the prognosis. Pain relief in labour is based on the use of various pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods that reduce the level of psychological anxiety, relieve tension, and also block the conduction of pain impulse. For pain relief in labour, the full range of currently available pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods cannot be used, since many of them, simultaneously with pain relief, negatively affect the fetus and the process of childbirth. The use of neuraxial analgesia with local anaesthetic solutions at low concentrations is a safe method of pain relief during labour.


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