Pain management in obstetrics and gynecology


  • Ye V Grigimalsky Maternity Hospital “Leleka”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • A Y Garga Maternity Hospital “Leleka”, Kyiv, Ukraine



pain, NSAIDs, analgesia, gynecology, obstetrics


The problem of acute postoperative pain is present throughout the lifetime of surgery and, unfortunately, does not lose its relevance today. Inadequate pain control in the postoperative period leads to negative consequences. Multimodal analgesia is currently the method of choice for postoperative anesthesia. The basis is the prescription of paracetamol (Infulgan®) in combination or without NSAIDs with the addition of methods of regional analgesia and, in case of insufficient effect, the use of opioid analgesics lies in the basisi of this method. Choosing one or another scheme of multimodal analgesia is determined, above all, is due to the invasiveness of the surgical intervention performed.


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Pain management in obstetrics and gynecology



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