Correlation of pain and psychological disorder


  • N Ordatii National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia
  • A Ordatii Military Medical Clinical Center of the Central Region, Vinnytsia



chronic pain, syndrome, anxiety, irritability, pain, sleep disorders, insomnia, depression, low mood, distress, deprivation, alliance


Abstract. Chronic pain syndrome can be widely extended in medical practice. Chronic pain syndrome can lead to a short-term insomnia, which is usually 2–3 days and causes the patient’s asthenia, goneness. Chronic pain forms of painful behavior: avoiding of physical exertion, sufferer outside, overdoing sensation of pain to have a same using, unique unpleasant things, loss of family functions, depletion of function. It is possible to become self-consciously closed because of the next depression, sleep disturbance and anxiety and pain, which is the potential for one another. It is dangerous through the formation of addiction from painkillers preparations (formulation of specific behavior) and the loss of psycho-somatic disorder.

Purpose: to find out correlation of the disruption of the patient’s psychological camp and the pain senses.

Materials and methods: analysis of 40 medical cards of patients of neurological department of the VCCC CR for the period – June 2020. Patients were comprehensively monitored by a psychologist, psychiatrist, and neurologist. The main complaint all this 40 patients is a chronic pain different localization at the time of the hospitalization. Nosological diagnosis of patients were: radiculities – 8; lumbalgia, sciatica and cervіkalgіa –26; posttraumatic neuropathy – 2; traumatic brain injury – 4.

Conclusions: Between 40 patients with chronic pain revealed disorders of psychological health in 23 patients, which redacted 57.5%, any disorders were found in 17 patients – 42.5 %; main psychological disorders in patients with pain are: anxiety in 17 patients – 73.9%, decreased mood in 12 patients – 52.17 %, sleep disturbance in 8 patients – 34.8 %, irritability in 6 patients – 26.1 %, the most often combination was anxiety and low mood alliance in 6 patients – 26.1 %, and combination of the anxiety with sleep disorders in 5 patients – 21.7 %.


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