Pain medicine in fiction. Bekhterev's disease in Evgenii Litvak’s web novel “The Age of Glory and Hope”


  • T Bondarieva Separate structural unit “Vovchansk Vocational College of State Biotechnological University”, Vovchansk, Ukraine



pain medicine, Bekhterev's disease, fiction, web-novel, internet literature, “Age of Glory and Hope”


The article provides an overview of pain medicine as a component of the art world of fiction. The semantic meaning of the disease (for example, tuberculosis, epilepsy, infectious diseases (plague), Bekhterev's disease) as one of the character's or author's characteristic (Lesya Ukrainka) is analyzed. A general analysis of the integrative connec­tions between medicine and literature as humanities is of­fered. On the example of the web novel “The Age of Glory and Hope” by Evgenii Litvak, the course of Bekhterev's dis­ease in the main character is reviewed, as well as the ther­apy proposed by the author in the work as opposed to the conventional medicine. It is noted that the state of pregnan­cy in which the main character of the novel is, contributes to the intensification of blood supply in the body, which can positively affect recovery. In particular, it is emphasized that in the modern informational space the user has ac­cess to special knowledge and professional sources, which allows to operate with specialized medical knowledge (at the erudition level) in the fiction, while being clear to the reader, which is one of the features of internet literature, which includes the web novel “The Age of Glory and Hope” by Evgenii Litvak.


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