Role of epidural adhesiolysis in treatment of low back pain caused by herniated intervertebral discs


  • I. V. Fishchenko State Institution “Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine


disc herniation, epidural adhesiolysis, conservative treatment


Epidural adhesiolysis (EA) – a minimally invasive method of treatment of low back pain in lumbosacral spine in various degenerative diseases and postoperative fibrosis.


To analyze the results of treatment of low back pain syndrome on the background of hernias of intervertebral discs of the lumbosacral spine and to identify the prognostic factors that affect treatment outcomes.


А prospective study analyzed the data of 105 patients with diagnosis of herniated disc of the lumbosacral spine, who underwent inpatient treatment using epidural adhesiolysis in department of rehabilitation of SI “Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine” in 2013–2015.


Our study has shown high effectiveness of epidural adhesiolysis in treatment of low back pain caused by hernias of intervertebral discs of lumbosacral spine according to the survey of VAS, Roland Morris and Oswestry Disability Index. The presence of degenerative lumbar scoliosis and osteoarthritis of the hip joints has a negative effect on treatment outcome and relates to adverse prognostic factors of treatment of pain by means of epidural adhesiolysis.


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