Complications of intracranial hypotension: may we neglect postdural puncture headache?


  • V. S. Fesenko Danylo Halytsky Lviv National University, Lviv


spinal anesthesia, complications, intracranial hypotension


Postdural puncture headache is a complication of puncture of the spinal dura mater. It is a common side-effect of spinal anesthesia and lumbar puncture and may occasionally and accidentally occur in epidural anesthesia. Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid through the dura mater puncture causes reduced cerebrospinal fluid pressure and may lead to the development of headache hours or days later. It may be complicated with hearing or visual disturbancies, intracranial subdural or intracerebral hematoma, cerebral herniation, and death. Thus, any case of postdural puncture headache should be taken seriously. The most alarming are changes in headache pattern (dependent on position), its asymmetry, clouding of consciousness, and the presence of neurological deficit.


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