Influence of patient's feelings during preparation of teeth under construction on the patient’s organism


  • M. Ya. Nidzelsky Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy
  • N. V. Tsvetkova Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy
  • O. A. Pisarenko Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy


pain, preparation, general effect, local effect


The greatest changes and the negative effect ща prosthetics with non-removable dentures are revealed during preparation of teeth [1, 2]. This manipulation is accompanied with unpleasant emotions and sensations of pain caused by increased temperature and vibration, which is undesirable for the tooth and periodontal as well as for the body [6, 7].
Negative emotions and pain are stress factors, that negatively affect the functional state of the cardiovascular system of healthy people, especially in patients with pathology of the circulatory system. According to many authors, there were revealed changes in the heart rate of patients during the process of preparation [7]. During the study of patients aged 50 to 80 years [10] there were persistent changes in systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure, a rapid elevation of the pulse in most patients, and in some cases, arterial pressure increased by 30 mmHg. Such changes are typical for both patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, and practically healthy people. This confirms the role of emotional factors together with irritation of vestibular receptors and oral cavity – reflexogenic zones, rich in temperature, tactile, chemo-, baro-, and proprioceptors. Significant changes were recorded on ECG even one hour after the preparation. Also serious changes can be causeed by local action of the cutting tool on hard tooth tissues. The main signs are an increase in tooth temperature and vibration [2, 3, 7]. Factors that affect the occurrence and effect of heat on the tooth tissue during preparation include: the number of revolutions per minute; shape, dimensions and material of which it is made; pressure force and the orientation to the cutting tool; the time of instrument contact with tooth tissues [1]. The analysis of literature data makes it possible to distribute research in this direction into two main types. Some authors direct their efforts to combat the pain response during preparation, developing and improving of anesthesia methods. Others believe that anesthesia reduces emotional factors, does not stipulate, but, on the contrary, increases the possibility of complications, searches for ways of reducing the temperature and vibration during preparation. And at the same time there are still many problems, the solution of which will reduce the negative impact of preparation on the tooth tissue and the body.


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