Vol. 3 No. 2/1 (2018): Pain medicine

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We invite you to read the collection of scientific publications of the First Podillya Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium (October 18-19, 2018, Vinnitsa, Ukraine), which were published in a special issue: Supplement 1 – Rehab Medicine – of multidisciplinary scientific and practical “Pain Medicine" journal (Vol. 3, No. 2/1, 2018)

We appreciate everyone’s participation in the First Podillya Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium as an author, speaker, participant!

Let's take it together with a sense of pride that we have a relation to the part of medicine, which is designed not only to save lives, but also to improve its quality by restoring or compensating lost (without medical rehab, lost forever) functions!

It is not surprising and is a delight for PM&R physician to see his/her patient with quadriplegia, who was working hard every day, creating family and raising children!

Rehabilitation professionals are not satisfied with the phrase, which can be often heard from a physician: "we did our job" (for example, saved lives, eliminated pain, removed sutures, etc.). For a rehabist this phrase will sound well only when the patient with health problems has restored his/her functioning and said: "You have done everything, and I am satisfied with my life!" Of course, medical rehab has such opportunities! This is just the beginning of opportunities! Imagine what potential backbone is rooted in the preventive rehabilitation through the multi-level medical rehabilitation and other promising scientific developments in rehab medicine.

The Ukrainian reality in rehabilitation is inspiring today and there are the following reasons:

1. There are specialists in physical therapy already, education of occupational therapists have been conducted, programs for the training of PRM doctors have been developed. So, we can create a rehab team! Only close cooperation, joint learning, exchange of experience, mutual trust and respect for each other are required! Otherwise, medical rehabilitation will not exist! It is not beneficial to any member of the rehab team, and especially to our patients! Let’s take this road to knowledge, skills, cooperation together in favor of people and medical rehabilitation!

2. The second fact, which inspires and makes the establishment of medical rehabilitation in Ukraine real is a design of the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "Organization of providing rehabilitation in health care". To provide for the fast movement in the correct direction the order must clearly state the following:

1) rehabilitation departments creation departments in multi-disciplinary hospitals (at least at the tertiary level). This will entail the creation of rehabilitation teams, the development and implementation of effective individual rehabilitation programs, rehabilitation routes (sanatorium, clinical, palliative, community, primary care, home care facilities), as well as existing rehabilitation facilities, sanatoriums, clinical centers, offices, etc.

2) beginning of PRM doctors training through retraining, implementation of rehabilitation pro-grams in medical universities, starting training PRM doctors in the residency! Dear friends, let’s move forward to knowledge, cooperation in favor of people!

Sincerely yours and best regards from the editorial board of the Journal:

Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Medical and Social Expertise of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsa. Head of the Vinnitsa Department of the Ukrainian Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, MD, PhD, ScD, professor, P. F. Kolisnyk

Published: 2018-10-18

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